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Overview of our project

The extraction of minerals and metals from the earth crust is as old as human mankind. The management of mine closure and post-closure is getting more and more attention because in Europe as well as worldwide many regions are affected by environmental residues such as tailings, waste dumps, subsidences, contaminated water which is the result of unsatisfactory environmental performance of the mining industry in the past. All European countreis are facing these problems and many of these countries are lacking funds and capacity in managing these old mine sites. 

This network of proposers with 74 scientists and practionizers from more than 60 organisations from 28 EU countries focus on legislation, governance and management of these legacies….

Specific Objectives

To achieve the main objective described in this MoU, the following specific objectives shall be accomplished

Capacity Building

Research Coordination


Overview of our meetings

Meeting 1

Management Committee Meeting, Core Group Meeting, Working Group

Title : Introduction to the Action

Attendance Type : Face to face

Location : Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Date : 22/01/2024 - 23/01/2024

Meeting 2


Title : Funding opportunities offered by the COST Action

Attendance Type : Virtual

Location : N/A

Date : 26/03/2024 - 26/03/2024

Meeting 3

Working Group Meeting, Core Group Meeting

Title : QGIS Database & Overview of EU regulations

Attendance Type : Hybrid

Location : Tallin (Estonia)

Date : 11/06/2024 - 12/06/2024


What has happened and what is planned?

1st Call for STSM, Dissemination and ITC Conference Grants

We are pleased to announce the first call for STSM, Dissemination and ITC Conference Grants of the REMINDNET COST Action. Submit your application for grants for short visits to labs, research and institutions related to REMINDNET topics. Find out how to apply here. REMINDNET also offers grants to attend meetings

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WG and CG meeting in Tallinn, Estonia

Our next hybrid meeting took place on 11-12 June in Tallinn, Estonia. More than 30 participants gathered there to discuss new ideas and next steps for WP1 and WP3 activities. Two days of fruitful discussions and networking led to first drafts of a unified template for data collection purposes in

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